We do our best to support small and medium-sized businesses, because for us, this is the backbone of a country's economy and our mission is to support them in their development towards a better future.

For this reason and thanks to our experience in the development of business processes and business technologies, our company and unit for consulting and development of business technologies and IT solutions provide technical services and solutions that support businesses on the path to digital transformation and achieving more. high efficiency and independence.

What can we implement for you?

Web solutions

Business ERP and CRM solutions

Collaboration systems

Why the digitalisation of your company is important?


Digitalization - the key to business recovery and development

Pavel Hriskov commented on BloombergTV in the show "In Development" with Veronika Denizova the impact of the pandemic on micro and small companies in our country. He noted that many of them had to become more flexible.Topics were also discussed in connection with the reasons why Bulgaria ranks last in the EU in digitalization of business and what are the consequences of the lack of digitalization in business.

Web-based IT solutions - platforms, websites and / or mobile applications

Implementing an open source platform and building

  • website - Wordpress

  • e-commerce - Prestashop

Do you want to have a web store or a website?

for a better and modern digital business

IT services and solutions for optimizing management and operational business processes

Implementation of an open source platform and construction of an ERP system and website with the following possible functions and modules

  • CRM

  • POS

  • Sales

  • Mass mailing

  • Subscribtions

  • Loans

  • Accounting

  • Invoices

  • Proforma-Invoice

  • Expenses

  • Inventory

  • Stores

  • Orders

  • Project and task management

  • Support and maintenance of your assets

  • Website

  • Blog

  • e Commerce

  • eLearning portal

  • Communication (internal)

  • Forum

  • Chat

  • Meetings

  • Mass mailing

  • Automatic answers and workflows 

  • Fleet management

  • People management (jobs, hiring, leaves, appraisals, payroll)

  • Quality assurance

  • Knowledge management 

  • Production and other business process management applications

Do you want to get a solution and be more effective

Join those who are better and digitalized business.

IT services and solutions to ensure remote work of teams and improve information security

Ultimate security

Open source product, self-hosted.
Emails, calendars and contacts are stored in your own infrastructure without any third party access.

It works with everything

Built-in integration for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Outlook and Thunderbird.
Easy deployment, configuration and integration reduce costs and reduce risk, while allowing you to have a strong IT infrastructure

Accessibility from everywhere

Efficient, modern and easy to use web interface for small or large teams.
Less distraction and deep integration into other products means greater productivity wherever you are!

Implementation of an open source platform with the following possible functions and modules

  • File management and sharing;

  • Monitoring file changes (who did what with them);

  • Save multiple versions of files;

  • Encryption of files and information;

  • Synchronize files locally on computers and mobile devices;

  • Management of processes related to file and document processing

  • Management of tasks, projects and budgets;

  • Contact management 

  • Meeting management 

  • Calendars

  • Encrypted chats

  • Audio and video conferencing;

  • Photo galeries;

  • Online document editor;

  • Integrated web mail client;

  • Canban;

  • Mind map ;

More information about the system and description of its functions.

  • Module for scanning and uploading documents directly from the phone;

  • Module for disclosing information to groups of people;

  • Registration forms;

  • User management + LDAP

  • News module

  • Password management

  • Pools

  • Antivirus

  • Social media login

  • Login system with external devices as a key;

  • Login system with phone code / 2 factor authentication

  • Integration with outlook and thunderbird and other mail clients;

  • Integration with other storages (gDrive, DropBox, FTP и др.);

  • Support of LDAP, Oath, Kerberos, WebDAV, CalDAV, SANE, SAMBA, SAML and own API;

Meets the following standrds

  • ISO27001;

  •  GDPR;

  •  HIPPA;

  • Military Grade Security Compliant 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Manage files and documents

RICE предлага универсален достъп до файлове и документите ви, компютъра ви, мобилните ви устройства или онлайн през браузъра ви. Намирайте файловете си с мощна търсачка, споделяйте ги, коментирайте ги или ги заключете докато не приключите с тях. 

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Collaboration and working groups

Работните групи могат да ползват и да си сътрудничат чрез Календари, Контакти, пощи, система за задачи, канбан, анкети и списъци и други продуктивни функции, за да могат екипите да свършат работата си по-бързо, по-лесно и при вашите условия

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Next Talk - online meetings and video confs.

Насладете се на локални, частни аудио / видео конферентни разговори и чат през браузъра ви или мобилно устройство с интегрирано споделяне на екрана ви и интеграция на SIP телефония.

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