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Designing your IT infrastructure

Building customised infrastructure solutions. We are analysing the needs of your project and building the optimal solution to ensure your success online.

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Managing and supporting IT infrastructure

Team with experts and system administrators and devops engineers who will take care of your servers and cloud infrastructures 24/7. Trust our professionals.

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Backup solutions for securing your data

Trust our expert team that will build a high-tech solutions for your business so that you never lose any information.


We analyze the technical parameters of the online store, site or system and offer a comprehensive hosting solution that covers regular needs with an optimal ratio between cost and performance.

24/7 support

Online projects are located in a hosting environment maintained by internationally certified experts, 24 hours a day.


The loading speed of any online store or other web system is a key indicator of their profitability. Choosing the most optimal hosting solution is the basis for the proper development of your online business.


The infrastructure provides maximum reliability and continuity of services necessary for the development of your business processes.

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ERP, CRM and custom systems

Implementing and hosting CRM and ERP systems, supporting the process of clarifying business processes and setting up systems are a small part of the activities we will do for you.

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Personal cloud for collaboration and file management

The personal cloud is the answer to the future in relation to a world that keeps our data away from us. We will build the most accurate solution for you, and you will be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

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Web site and eCommerce

The competition in the market of online products and services requires the use of specific hosting solutions, ready to meet the needs of e-merchants. Part of the success of online commerce is the ability to quickly meet the heavy traffic to your online store.

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We build optimal solutions based on the requirements of your system

Configured hosting solution that: 

- guarantees high values of parameters such as speed and performance regardless of the resource used;

- uses the optimal resource that is consistent with the load of the online store and is flexible enough to meet more traffic;

- is supported by a team of specialists in your project, who, if necessary, respond quickly and professionally.


We take care of the system administration, monitoring and maintenance of hundreds of servers and cloud services. Our portfolio of services in the field of maintenance and management of IT infrastructures is built on the basis of your needs and high requirements.

24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring

Daily backup and enough backup space

Professional support and consultation

  • Installation and migration of servers / OS

  • Installation and configuration of web servers (Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, etc.)

  • Installation and configuration of SQL server and database management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Installation and configuration of application server (fpm, fcgi, nodejs, jvm)

  • Installation and configuration of file systems

  • Configuring load and traffic balancing systems (HAproxy, reverse proxy, load balancing) 

  • Installation and configuration of a distributed memcached storage system (multinode)

  • Debugging related to the operating system or service software

  • Help with compromised servers and unauthorized access to applications

  • Server optimizations, backup setup and Disaster Recovery solutions

  • Improve the security of your server / cloud

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of hardware and network components

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